Elsholtzia stauntonii (Seed)

[MINT SHRUB (seed)]


Category: Seeds
Longevity: HP (zones 5-8)
Lighting Conditions: PS-FS
Average Height: 4 FEET
Uses: A C H M O

Fall-blooming deciduous shrub with fruity mint-scented leaves from China. Multitudes of spikes of small lavender flowers in late summer, fall; leaves turn red in late fall. Attractive plant and the flowers are attractive to butterflies. Carminative and astringent, it is used to treat fluxes, dropsy and nausea. Deserves more attention in Western gardens. Packet(Standard): $3.50; 1/8 oz: $8.50; 1/4 oz - $16.00; 1/2 oz - $30.00; 1 oz - $58.00

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