Aloysia triphylla



Category: Potted Plants
Longevity: TP (zones 8 to 11)
Lighting Conditions: FS
Average Height: 10 feet
Uses: A C M R

This is the one of the truest and best of the numerous lemon-scented herbs. Glossy-green leaves grow in groups of three with panicles of tiny cream-colored flowers. A great tea and potpourri plant - leaves rubbed on oneself will repel mosquitoes. The favorite sachet of Scarlett O'Hara's mother. Oil of Lemon Verbena is an ingredient of perfumes, colognes, and soaps. A deciduous shrub from Chile/Argentina, don't be alarmed if it drops its leaves when bringing indoors for the winter. It sheds its leaves when the environment around it changes but it will leaf out again.

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