Ammi visnaga (seeds)

[KHELLA (seed)]


Category: Seeds
Longevity: HP-B (in USDA Zones 5 to 9)
Lighting Conditions: FS
Average Height: 2 feet
Uses: M O

Native of the Mediterranean area. This plant is related to and similar in appearance to Queen Anne's Lace. Grown for the cut flower trade because of the large long-lasting clusters of white flowers. The seeds have been used for centuries in the treatment of angina, renal and intestinal colic, as a broncho-dilator and as a diuretic. Khellin, an active constituent of the plant has shown the ability to increase repigmentation of the skin - that is, it helps your tan, dude. Called the toothpick plant in N. Africa for the woody flower stalks, we make 'Fairy Brooms' out of the seed heads. Packet(standard): $3.50; 1/8 oz: $7.00; 1/4 oz: $12.00; 1/2 oz: $22.00; 1 oz: $40.00 - 10,000 seeds/oz

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