Verbascum blattaria (seeds)



Category: Seeds
Longevity: B (zones 4 to 9)
Lighting Conditions: FS
Average Height: 4 FEET
Uses: M O R

White or yellow flowers with purple stamens; smooth, deeply and irregularly toothed leaves. Blattaria is from the Latin "blatta" meaning cockroach - which this plant is supposed to repel. An extract of the plant is effective in controlling mosquito larvae. The seeds are attractive to finches. Popular in English cottage gardens and wildflower plantings. Reseeds. Moth pollinated. Packet(Standard): $3.50; 1/8 oz: $8.00; 1/4 oz: $15.00; 1/2 oz: $28.00; 1 oz: $54.00 - 250,000 seeds/oz

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