Impatiens capensis (Seed)

[JEWELWEED (seed)]


Category: Seeds
Longevity: A
Lighting Conditions: PS
Average Height: 3 FEET
Uses: M O

Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers says the orange flowers hang like pendant jewels - I think the plant's common name comes from it's appearance when wet. Water beads up on the leaf surfaces making drops look like jewels. When the seed pods of this plant are ripe they explode at the slightest touch and shoot their seeds out a distance of several feet. The unusually shaped flower is especially adapted for pollination by hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Crushed leaves and stems are a well known folk remedy for treating poison ivy. It prefers wet woodland borders, shaded riverbanks and roadside ditches. Best direct sown where desired. These seed packets are a mix of I. capensis and I. pallida - the taller yellow flowered Jewelweed. Packet: $3.50

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