Achillea millefolium



Category: Potted Plants
Longevity: HP (zones 3 to 10)
Lighting Conditions: PS-FS
Average Height: 2 feet
Uses: A E L M N

Familiar wayside plant with attractive feathery foliage and corymbs of small white flowers. One of the most universally utilized plants among Native American tribes. The flowers were smoked ceremonially; the flowers, roots, and leaves have all been used to treat more illnesses and conditions than I can shake a stick at. It protects the kidneys and liver, reduces fevers and high blood pressure, is antiseptic and when chewed relieves toothache. The stalks are used in China for I Ching divination. Named after Achilles who is said to have used it to heal his soldiers wounds at the siege of Troy. Native to Europe and W. Asia, now fairly universally naturalized.

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