Asclepias tuberosa



Category: Seeds
Longevity: HP (zones 3 - 9)
Lighting Conditions: FS
Average Height: 2 FEET
Uses: B M N O

Also known as PLEURISY ROOT as the root tea has been used to treat pleurisy and is expectorant. Although it contains cardiac glycosides known to be toxic, this plant enjoyed the reputation of being a cure-all among many Native American tribes. Showy flowers in bright shades of orange attract tons of butterflies, including Monarchs, Fritillaries and Swallowtails. Hummingbirds are also attracted. It prefers a well-drained soil, tolerating heavy clay as long as it isn't too wet. Its deep taproot resents transplanting. Packet(Standard): $3.50; 1/8 oz: $6.00; 1/4 oz: $11.00; 1/2 oz: $20.00; 1 oz: $38.00 - 5,600 seeds/oz

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