Tagetes minuta (seed)



Category: Seeds
Longevity: A
Lighting Conditions: FS
Average Height: 8 FEET
Uses: A C M R

A giant, and the most insecticidal marigold with inconspicuous 3/16" yellow flowers. Root secretions are said to discourage nematodes and kill bindweed. Very anise/minty fragrant leaves are commony used in Peruvian and Bolivian cuisine. Also known as Huacatay and Peruvian Black Mint. The essential oil, known as Tagetes Oil, is used in the perfume industry as well as many food products including soft drinks, frozen desserts, candy, puddings and alchoholic beverages. It is used medicinally to treat colds, respiratory tract inflammations, and digestive complaints. The whole plant is strongly antifungal, anti bacterial and useful against many parasites. Packet: $3.50; 1/8 oz: $8.00; 1/4 oz: $15.00; 1/2 oz: $28.00; 1 oz: $54.00

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