Cimicifuga racemosa

[BLACK COHOSH (bareroot)]

2+ $3.00
7+ $2.00
50+ $1.75

Category: Dormant/Bareroot Plant
Longevity: HP (in USDA Zones 3 to 8)
Lighting Conditions: sh-PS
Average Height: 3 feet
Uses: M N O R

An attractive woodland plant for the shade garden with three-foot spikes of white flowers, said to be bug repellent. The compound, toothed leaves are glossy green; "black" refers to the color of the roots, which have been used as an expectorant, astringent, and emmenogogue. Native American uses include as a tonic and to treat rheumatism. Single bareroot: $4.00; 2-6: $3.00 each; 7-49: $2.00 each; 50+: $1.75 each

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